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Christmas preparations in China

It’s not obvious, but there are definitely a few signs that Christmas is approaching here. At the mall there’s a big pile of dismembered Christmas tree bits which I assume at some point will be put up, and Walmart has … Continue reading

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Have been trying to take my camera out a bit more recently, because I felt like I was missing some great pictures. Have still not got any great pictures, but here are a few I’ve taken in the meantime…

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Wednesday night

Meant to put this up yesterday, but Chinese internet wasn’t playing nicely. Last night was the night that Em tutors Jack, so I decided to go along for dinner this time to keep her company. I’m so glad I did! … Continue reading

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Bear cat

The Chinese name for a panda is xiong mao – literally “bear cat”. This is pretty awesome.

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More dumplings…

Had a very busy Saturday followed by a very relaxed Sunday, so a great weekend in all. One of the teachers at Em’s school, Mary, had invited us both to one of her friends’ flats to – you guessed it … Continue reading

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Gym contest

I got roped into taking part in a competition (OK, I begged them to let me play) at the gym last night, which was pretty fun. I’ve been taking a Yes-attitude to everything in China so far, as clichéd as … Continue reading

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Making dumplings

Tucking into a sweet red bean zongzi (pyramid shaped rice dumpling, Jiaxing’s speciality) for breakfast and sitting having a coffee before work. It’s absolutely freezing here this morning – I’m seriously regretting forgetting to bring my gloves for the ride … Continue reading

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