Leaving Koh Tao

We’re leaving Koh Tao today to head back up to Bangkok. It means we’ll have all day tomorrow to look around Bangkok, eat lots of street food, and relax before we fly back to Shanghai on Sunday. Plus I think I should probably stop tanning now, as I’ve gone an alarming shade of orange. Probably that factor 0 tanning oil I’ve been using…

I went for 3 more dives yesterday, a couple in the afternoon and another night dive. The afternoon dives were great – one the first one we dropped straight down from the boat and pretty muich bumped into a big sea turtle, which waqs just finning around unconcerned by us and generally just looking very graceful. Didn’t like it when I tried to ride it like a horse though.

I was hoping to see some sea snakes but unfortunately there weren’t any about, just lots of other brightly coloured fish and some incredible coral formations, with a few little swim-throughs through the rocks in some of the deeper parts.

The night dive was even better than the last one I did. No current this time, and we went further out to sea so could go a lot deeper. The sea was pretty rough and choppy so it was a bit bouncy getting over to the dive site, but as soon as we sank under the waves it was incredibly calm. We went in at dusk so it grew dark as we were diving, and when it was finally completely black lots of big fish came out to play – two enormous hunting barracuda followed us around a bit, chasing the fish that they could see in our torch lights. Great fun.

Better go, as our boat to the mainland leaves soon. My bag seems somehow to have expanded while we’ve been here so I had a bit of trouble repacking, and I’ve managed to slice a big chunk out of my finger as I was trying to force my toiletry bag in, slipped, and rammed my finger straight onto my razor. I ran around for a bit dripping blood all over the floor, the beds, down my arm etc… then ran it under the tap for a bit, put the chunk of flesh back where it should be and put lots of medical tape round it. Shame we’re not diving today though, might have seen some sharks this time!

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7 Responses to Leaving Koh Tao

  1. Debora says:

    Hmmmm, a bleeding finger and hungry sharks, probably not a good combination. Shame you can’t take photos undersea as it all sounds very beautiful. Enjoy BK. Xxxx

  2. Han says:

    I’ll ignore the typos, but I’m not forgiving “further out to see”. The barracudas don’t sound fun at all.

    • But…. a sailor went to see see see to sea what he could sea see sea… didn’t he?
      Using stu’s little notebook which is very portable, but not good for anyone with fingers as fat as mine!

  3. han says:

    Surely he went to sea sea sea?

  4. bilbea says:

    Ouch!! Don’t get it sewn up in a Chinese hospital.. no local anaesthetic as it’ll take too long (and waste drugs, prob). Straight in there with the needle, sewin’ it up! Hurts more than the cut, I’m told!
    Bazz sliced his little finger open with a bit of chef knife acrobatics – 2 stitches = 4 holes pushed/punctured through skin (and skin’s pretty resistant to puncturing) – ooouuuuuch! X 4 (well, that’s the polite version!)

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